Contest rules

General guidance

Contest is open to anyone, excepting Amay Modeles Club active members. Every participant can register unlimited amount of models in any category but is elligible to receive a single price in each category. There is a flat registration price of 2 euro per model over the online form. Registration on day of exhibition will be 4 euro. Deadline is Saturday, 12PM.

Any sign or notice that would allow identification of contester on his model is not allowed. Build documentation or references of real model on a short format is allowed.


Jury will be composed of members of Amay Modeles Club. No exception or reclaim will be accepted.


Participant will select category of his model, meanwhile jury would be required to adapt this in case of misaligment before voting will happen.

A diorama model will require more than a flat base, mirror or sample ground effect. Scratch models are for kits that have no equivalent on the market (only small parts like headlights, tracks, wheels will be admitted). A detailed explanation of parts used/created will be required.

Jury is allowed to regroup kits in case of amost empty categories.