25th Model Kits Exhibition/Contest/Swap of Amay Modeles Club

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25th Model Kits Exhibition/Contest/Swap of Amay Modeles Club

mai 6 @ 10h00 - 17h00

Dear Fellow Modellers,

We are pleased to invite you to AMC’s 25th Modelling Day at the IPES, Avenue Delchambre 6, Huy (B-4500)

from 10.00 am to 5.00pm on Saturday 6st of May, 2023.

The event will include a contest, swap meet and an exhibition.

Traders will be admitted from 7.00am
Customers from 10.00am

The exhibition is free but you are invited to reserve tables by sending the form enclosed below (click on REGISTER).

Please use same form to record your model for the contest.

Registrations will be closed by Apr.15th.

We’ll then send confirmations and organisation details over mail to all registered parties (exhibitors/contest/swap&shop) by week of May 1st.

Swap tables will be available at 8 € per meter


We also decided to restart a contest. Topic for this year is Korean War (1953). 

There will be a special price for this theme in following categories: aviation/military vehicles/civilian vehicles/marine/figures.

Extra prizes will be given for: Best Club Stand, Best of Show Model, Ghislain Parisse Price (tanks), Jean-Claude Heurter Price (Belgian aviation), AMC Price, Junior Price.

Please note category type when registering your model, at 2 € per model.

You can register as many models as desired (you will need to fill a new form for each candidate model):

  • AV1: Airplanes, any era -propellers 1/72
  • AV2: Airplanes, any era -jets 1/72
  • AV3: Airplanes, any era -propellers 1/48
  • AV4: Airplanes, any era -jets 1/48
  • AV5: Airplanes, any era -propellers 1/32
  • AV6: Airplanes, any era -jets 1/32
  • AV7: Airplanes, any era -other scale
  • AV8: Helicopters, any scale
  • AV9: Scratch and vacuform, any scale
  • AV10: Civilian planes, any scale
  • VM1: Military Vehicles, plaquette, 1/48 and smaller
  • VM2: Military Vehicles, diorama, 1/48 and smaller
  • VM3: Military Vehicles,plaquette, 1/35 and larger
  • VM4: Military Vehicles,diorama, 1/35 and larger
  • VC1: Civilian Cars, all scales
  • VC2: Civilian Trucks, all scales
  • VC3: Motorbikes, all scales
  • VC4: Diorama, all vehicles
  • F1: Figures at lower scale of 54mm or 1/32
  • F2: Figures at scales equal or higher than 54mm or 1/32
  • F3: Sci-Fi figure/ Japanimation garage or boxed kit
  • SF: All scale Sci-Fi vehicles/diorama
  • M: Marine, all scale
  • D: Humor, cinema
  • J: Junior (any category for -18 builders)



Date :
mai 6
Heure :
10h00 - 17h00
Site :


Avenue Delchambre, 6
HUY, Liège 4500 Belgium
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